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Close to the Earth I.T. Services is the leading Mac solutions provider. We offer the best-in-class technology consulting and white glove IT support services for businesses of all sizes and individuals with Apple Certified Support. As your trusted tech advisor, our experts will manage workflows, so you can deliver results.

About Me


I’ve seen the power technology has. I’ve seen it used for good and evil.

I see a world where technology is used far more for good.

It’s simple. It’s ethical, helpful, and accessible.

Technology IS for you. You CAN know about “that tech stuff”


I fight against yucky tech bros who make us feel stupid and seek take away our agency.

I fight against I.T. “guys” and gurus who say “this is the only way,” and “I’m the expert!”

I fight against people who over-promise and under-deliver. I fight against people who are money only focused and see their clients as numbers, not humans.

I fight against complexity and know-it-alls. I fight against dishonesty and pretentious jerks. I fight against hype and buzz words.

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I've got a list of my top 6 tips for maintaining your computer that will allow you to extend its life and keep it out of the landfill. I would love to share that with you!