• I recommend Sara to anyone who is looking for a true professional to deal with their Apple repair troubles. She is very efficient and a lovely person. She is also inspiring!
    — Doriane McCord
  • I have just tried to expand a simple home network into a small but techy business, and converted one Mac to a server with 10 devices attached. All this consumer-grade Linksys, Netgear, Apple and PC stuff was not talking to each other. They are now. I could have done this myself, if I had a week to poke and prod and test and try again. Sara fixed it fast.
    — Hans Leatz
  • I have called on Sara to help me on a number of occasions. She arrived quickly and let me know what was wrong with the computers, fixed what was going on right on the spot and when I needed Macbook repair, she was able to tell me how much it would cost to fix. She is very knowledgeable about Mac Systems and how to make everything work together.She is very reliable and friendly. I am so excited to have this service available here in Malibu!
    — Kim Ledoux
  • Sara helped us when we upgraded our system and had a lot of problems. She made everything secure in our home network and our printer finally works wirelessly! Updated everything and gave us an Apple service tune-up. She was so nice and explained what she was doing every step of the way. She was so good we kept asked her to help with our iPhones and iPads too. Will call her again! She’s the real deal!
    — Bob and Jeudi Curtis


What People are Saying: Close to the Earth

  • Sara Gepp has serviced all of our apple devices and helped us integrate them. She is a meticulous diagnostician and certified apple technician, She is honest, on-time and courteous. She patiently listens to understand the problem and she can explain the solutions in a language that I can understand and apply. And, she is a LOCAL! She cares about our community and has a service heart.
    — Lindy Hirt
  • Sara Gepp - head geek of Close to the Earth Apple IT services - just saved my bacon in the form of restoring to life my 2010 Mac Pro tower 8-core computer. Sara was capable, thoughtful and kind and put my worries completely to rest. She worked closely with my changeable schedule to come to the rescue as quickly as she could. The stakes were high: I depend on this superb but older Mac for my daily bread and butter as a Malibu-based video producer and photographer. Sara fixed all my problems and more. Not cheap, but worth every dime, believe me! Sara, I am so grateful for your wisdom, experience and kindness today! Now I can get back to work.
    — Marshall Thompson
  • Close to the Earth offers the best IT services around: efficient, full of integrity, incredibly knowledgable, and willing to work diligently to resolve the problem. Sara was able to get my laptop out of a coma--it works perfectly now! I would recommend her to anyone with an IT issue!
    — Julie Fulmer
  • Sara saved my Apple computer! Works quickly, knows what she is doing. Best experience ever with a consultant. And, a lovely person to boot.
    — Kathleen Bagnall

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When you have Apple Certified Consultant Sara Gepp on your side, your stuff works! Call today.

When you have Apple Certified Consultant Sara Gepp on your side, your stuff works! Call today.