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A computer plugged into a cloud and a web server. a padlock in a cloud. the words eco friendly web hosting above Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
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Not only is our Web Hosting service Fast, Safe, and Secure, It's good for the Earth. STARTING FROM $35.00 Add to Cart Product Info
typing on a laptop with WordPress sight on the screen WordPress Management Subscription
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WordPress Monthly support! We can help you Maintain, Secure, Backup, Monitor, and Benchmark your website. STARTING FROM $35.00 Add to Cart Product Info
computer and tablet with graphs and infographics on the screen. a document with more graphs and a calculator beside them. the words website audit with SEO report above Website Audit w/ SEO report
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We run your website through a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate your site speed, visibility, and other valuable metrics to help you see how to best improve your reach to potential customers. STARTING FROM $299.00 Add to Cart Product Info
A brown hand holding a phone. A document with graphs under a magnifying glass. the words social media audit Social Media Audit
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Our social media audit will look through your company’s online presence to see and advise how it can work best to serve your bottom line. STARTING FROM $299.00 Add to Cart Product Info
A compter, a tablet, and a phone with loading and warning signs on the screens. A screwdriver and wrench, the words, Device tune-up Mac or P.C. Tune Up
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If you have a problem with your computer’s performance, as we can deal with it! We’ll make sure your computer is working just as well as it should be. STARTING FROM $299.99 Add to Cart Product Info
an arm holding a magnyfying glass up to a laptop. Malware is under the magnifying glass Anti-Malware For Mac and P.C
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We will remove any malware and protect you for the future. STARTING FROM $149.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Mac and PC backup service Backup: Time Machine or NAS
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STARTING FROM $99.00 Add to Cart Product Info
A laptop with an ekg line across it. A stethoscope on the screen. the words hardware diagnostics Hardware Diagnostics for Mac and P.C.
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We can deal with your hardware problems. Whether it’s a hard drive failure, processor problems, overheating, battery issues, or something else entirely, we’ll find the problem! STARTING FROM $149.00 Add to Cart Product Info

What we do…

Close to the Earth I.T. Services is the leading Mac solutions provider. We offer the best in class technology consulting and white glove IT support services for businesses of all sizes and individuals with Apple Certified Support.

We hold wide variety of certifications, including some of the hardest to attain, we can ensure our expertise is one you can count on for all of your business technology needs. As your trusted tech advisor, our experts will manage workflows, so you can deliver results.

Close to the Earth I.T. Services is a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network.

We listen

If your infrastructure doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work at all.

At Close to the Earth, we take the time to understand your goals, needs, and expectations for your computing, network, and security. 

  • Virtual CIO
  • Managed Services
  • Project Deployments
  • Website and Email hosting
  • Network Engineering
  • Large Area WiFi Networking

We can help

Cutting edge solutions customized for your technology needs. It just works.
We can provide consultation, planning, installation, maintenance, support, and emergency IT services. Our concierge services, for home or business, are offered remotely anywhere in the world.

Our Values

Close to the Earth I.T. Services is a green business , We use solar power, carbon offsetting and minimize waste at every opportunity

In 2018 researchers from McMaster University came out with a study in the Journal of Cleaner Production that shows that the carbon impact of Information and Communications Industry has tripled since 2007.

In 2007 the Information and Communications sector represented 1% of the carbon footprint, by 2018 it was 3% and they project it that the number might climb to 14% by 2040.
The impact of the entire transportation industry has a carbon footprint of 7% worldwide.

With numbers like that, it is easy to become overwhelmed; as I.T. professionals there is still much we can do to mitigate the effects of e-waste. To use our resources more wisely- as we encourage our clients to do the same.


In my practice, I think about the services we offer and break down what we can do with planet Earth in mind.


There is no Planet B.


Sara Gepp Apple Certified Consultant
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Apple Certified Service Provider

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My laptop is my life. When I hired Close to the Earth .... Now I have monthly service
Vivica Mengaz
Author & Blogger
They worked diligently to correct the issues, much further than any other consultant had before. I will definitely be calling for any other issues I have with computers and programs.
Steve Buenger
Buenger Commercial Real Estate
I was locked out of all of my internet accounts no thanks to a hacker. The Apple Store made my problems even worse! I called Sara on Sunday night and she came right over. I have adopted her into my family!
middle aged couples posing at a restaurant
Jeudi Curtis
Lifelong Malibu Resident