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Close to the Earth I.T. Services is the leading Mac solutions provider. We offer the best-in-class technology consulting and white glove IT support services for businesses of all sizes and individuals with Apple Certified Support. As your trusted tech advisor, our experts will manage workflows, so you can deliver results.

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Way of the Superior Funnel Masterclass

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Can you Answer these 3 Simple questions?

These 3 areas make up the foundation of your business. Then, we build a SIMPLE ecosystem around it. This makes it growable & sustainable.


I’ve seen the power marketing has. I’ve seen it used for good and evil.

I see a world where marketing is used far more for good. 

It’s simple and authentic. It’s ethical, helpful, and accessible.

Introverted, highly sensitive coaches & creators can build sustainable marketing ecosystems that propel their business into momentum without bro marketing & toxic funnelinity (tricks, manipulation, scarcity, fomo, fear based energy etc).


I stand for ethical, heart-centered, conscious marketing and business. I stand for equality. I stand for social justice. I stand for an equitable society. I stand for sustainability. I stand for the planet. I stand for animals. I stand for women who’ve had a disadvantage. I stand for men who are lost. I stand for depression and mental health. I stand for brain health and longevity. I stand for education. I stand for a fair justice system.


I fight against bro marketing, toxic funnelinity, toxic masculinity/femininity. I fight against clickfunnels. I fight against programs and gurus who say “this is the only way,” and “I’ve made millions, so can you!” I fight against people who overpromise and underdeliver. I fight against people who are money only focused and see their clients as numbers, not humans. I fight against complexity and bloated tools. I fight against dishonesty and inauthenticity. I fight against hype and buzz words.

Client Love

In one session together I was able to unpack some of my own resistances surrounding my business and ecosystem. I felt empowered with where my focus is going with my business come 2021 and I can’t thank Miles enough for giving me the compassionate push that I needed to give myself permission to run my business in a way that feels authentic to me. If you are considering working with Miles, do it! You won’t regret it.
 – Jess Palmer

Just wanted to say that I appreciate SO MUCH how you show up.

You led me to some pretty deep epiphanies around not only my work, but around my motivation and relationship with masculine and feminine energies.

Somehow through my one session with you, I was more fired up, more accountable for my biz and more committed than ever. I saw how your healthy and divine masculine leadership inspired me in ways I hadn’t experienced in the entrepreneurial world.

Long story short, I grew up with a mom who was very passive and so her directions and demands didn’t instill much conviction for me because I didn’t have a strong masculine presence/container the majority of my life. I had a lightbulb moment as I reflected on our call and realized how powerful you and other masculine leaders can be as guides on the journey of entrepreneurship for women like me.

Despite working with so many amazing female mentors/coaches- your kind yet direct, no BS approach was so damn motivating, whereas with most women, I have an easier time taking their gentleness as a get-out-of-jail free card. Feel like some would dock me a few feminist points here but I was just so impressed after our call :)

– Liz Lalor



Cause let’s be honest…it’s all about me

Empower a shit ton of coaches, healers, authors, speakers, and creators with the ability to build sustainable marketing ecosystems. To teach marketing minimalism and to eradicate bro marketing.  To make marketing human and relationship focused. To help build brands that have a positive impact on people and the planet.