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Latina Nerds Tech Conference L.A.

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What a great day in Glendale at the Latina Nerds Tech Conference. I have been using a Social Media app called Convoz, which was created by Hip-Hop Star who is now a highly successful Tech Entrepreneur, Chamillionaire, for the last 6 weeks and I am really enjoying the experience a lot. It is a video conversation app. 

Someone will bring up a topic and record a clip of themselves talking about the topic in 15 second video segments and then people can reply back. There are people from all over the country on the App and a few people from Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. I will include a link to Chamillionaire's amazing presentation at Upfront Summit at the bottom of the page. 

I met Missy who works in Higher Education on the App and we planned to meet at this conference. Because the app is all video, I felt instantly familiar with her and there was a great connection right away. We were joking about the app and created some content together which was super fun to upload. 

The conference was great and featured a food truck entrepreneur, Wendy Centeno of Vchos who has leveraged Social Media to bring the traditional snack, Pupusas from her native El Salvador to 2 very popular food trucks that travel around L.A. I really wanted to try one because I love Pupusas. Imagine an empanada covered in a thick homemade gorilla hot pocket type of situation. Delicious! 

The other presenter, Stacie De Armas. VP of Strategic Initiatives for Neilsen, stood out. No actually she was bright and shiny.  She had gone to great lengths to outline new marketing data on Latina consumers and why they should be everyone's customer. She was so smart and her energy was fun and exciting. She talked with her hands which I really appreciated a lot. Her data was just so compelling and she told a very human story comprised of data analytics which was heart warming, inspiring and sincere. There are so many opportunities to reach this growing demographic of empowered decision makers. 

Everyone at the conference was urging her to keep going even though her time was up. She was someone I am going to be thinking about over the week. She inspired me so much. As did the other presenter who was just great too. 

What stays with me the following day is the camaraderie of the event of course. And I keep reflecting on De Armas presentation and her magical ability to have created such a detailed story from data analysis. That was the coolest thing. I could have listened to her all day and I plan to follow her work. 

Convoz is a mobile video app that connects people across the world through collaborative face to face video conversations. Founder and CEO Chamillionaire is joined on stage by Snoop Dogg to discuss Convoz for the first time. Download Convoz
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