Sara Gepp

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Yoga Journey:

My yoga journey began over 20  years ago, as I used the power of yoga to help me through the grief of losing a loved one.  I completed 200 hours of RYT training with Maha Bodi at the Yoga Maha School.

Who is yoga for?

I believe that yoga is a gift that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone, from the littlest yogis to the wisest sages.

Friendly Approach:

My classes are crafted to be inclusive, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to embark on a journey of self-discovery together. 


 Through yoga, we can discover the strength within, the serenity beneath the surface, and the boundless joy that comes from embracing life with an open heart.

Sara Gepp - RYT 200, Sound Healer, Intuitive Guide & Equine Therapy Specialist

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace with me, Sara Gepp, your guide to a deeper, more meaningful yoga experience.

My 20-year journey in the world of yoga began at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC while grieving a loss. Yoga healed me from the inside out and I was blessed with the opportunity to become a Registered Yoga Teacher under the guidance of renowned yogi Maha Bodhi. At the Yogi Maha School.

My approach to yoga is rooted in compassion and a keen focus on proper alignment, ensuring a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment for students of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, my classes are designed to awaken the power within, helping you connect with your inner strength and tranquility.

In addition to traditional yoga, I am a certified sound healer and an intuitive guide, integrating these practices into my sessions to provide a holistic experience that heals and harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. My unique approach includes the use of sound vibrations to enhance meditation, deepen relaxation, and promote emotional release.

As an equine therapy specialist, I also bring the powerful and healing presence of horses into some of my programs. This unique combination of yoga and equine therapy offers an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and healing, connecting us more deeply to nature and the profound wisdom of these majestic animals.

Join me on this path of self-exploration and empowerment, as we journey together towards greater health, harmony, and happiness. Whether through the gentle flow of yoga, the soothing resonance of sound healing, or the transformative experience of equine therapy, I am here to support and guide you in awakening your true potential.

Here to help.

Healing Session with Horses

Equine assisted coaching involves interactions between individuals and horses to promote emotional, physical, and mental well-being. 

The benefits of equine therapy are diverse and can have a positive impact on individuals of all ages.

Here are some benefits: Stress Reduction, Emotional Expression, Communication Skills, Trust and Bonding 

In person in Agoura with my horse or I can come to your stable and work with your horse.

One-on-One Yoga Class

Personal yoga instruction, virtual or in-person sessions. Benefits include: Customized practice based on your ability or mood.

Focus on your personal goals, Personalized posture adjustments, Deeper mind-body connection. 

I have been trained in Power Yoga for a strong fitness focused practice and am also able to guide you through a gentle yoga flow for the deepest relaxation. 

Your yoga practice will create balance and stability in your life as you grow stronger physically.

Intuitive Reading

I am dedicated to providing you with insight and guidance to help you navigate your life's journey.

When you book a reading with me, you can expect a personalized and intuitive experience that is tailored to your unique needs. 

As a highly empathic and talented tarot card reader, I rely on my strong psychic abilities to connect with the energies and vibrations surrounding you.

I will use my intuition to interpret the meaning of the cards and provide you with answers and guidance that are both accurate and insightful. and purpose.