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Concetta Kirshner

Is a driven creative visionary who has a track record of global successes. For over twenty years Concetta Kirschner has been the recording artist Princess Superstar. With two top ten hits in the U.K., many magazine covers and a worldwide fanbase, she has maintained relevancy in the global music business through innovative brand, marketing and social media strategy as her own Creative Director.- Now she is bringing this unique expertise to companies around the world.

Sara Gepp

Owner and Founder of Close to the Earth. She has helped hundreds of companies and individuals with their I.T. Systems as well as offering technical assistance with production needs. Sara began her career as an Audio Engineer and worked in the Hollywood I.A.T.S.E. Union prior to starting Close to the Earth. She brings her extensive experience as a Studio Engineer to the Independent Creator.

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Website Design and Hosting 


Responsive websites which are easy to self-maintain and optimized for mobile. Maintenance services are available. I work with CMS sites with optional custom coding. So, you can do web-updates in-house or easily add content on your own. If you can post on social media pages that is the level of technical skill you will need to maintain a site that I design and build. We specialize in WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.









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