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More details on who you help and how you help. What do you stand for. What's the outcome. What's your philosophy. What makes you unique? What is the purpose for Close to the Earth?

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I’ve seen the power that technology has. I’ve seen it used for good and evil.

I see a world where tech advancements are used far more for good. 

Businesses owners and individuals can build on their tech skills or have access to highly trained IT Professionals in their local area or remotely. 


I stand for equal access to technology and practical tech knowledge.

I stand up for people who might not always see themselves as tech-savvy to have greater empowerment. 

Technology can be your superpower- working computers and devices to make our busy lives easier.

I stand for our visibility in tech.

Client Love

I really want to recommend Sara Gepp, who walked in and totally sorted out my very difficult computer situation in no time. Thank you, Sara! You saved my life.

 -Dr. David Sturgeon

My Mission

My first priority is Planet Earth. Minimizing the impact of our devices and habits around technology. Reducing our footprint when it comes to tech is going to take awareness so, that we can make the most responsible choices.

There is no planet B