Foraging for Wild Mushrooms

 Nacho the Truffle Hunter!
Nacho the Truffle Hunter!

Foraging! I wanted to share my photos of the mountains taken with the Nikon 7500D any excuse to shoot with this camera- I am there! Check out my photos. I just used the standard kit. I put it on Auto- I know I am not supposed to do that! I want to read more about the camera before I start going with different settings. Plus I had 2 busy mushroom hunters with me! No time to set up my shots- 


There are all new cell towers up in the mountains so yeah! I did not really leave the city too far behind and I uploaded my adventure to my new favorite video sharing app Convoz from my iPhone. It is iPhone only at the moment. It is a great app for interactive storytelling. 

I am having so much fun on this app because great conversations are held with a really great community. Here is where you can downloaded it on the App Store 

Convoz on the App Store Click Here

It was a great weekend the mountains are so beautiful and even though I did not reeaaally unplug, it was still awesome to be in nature with 4 bars of LTE…