April Speight of Vogue and Code

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Hi April! I am so inspired by your adventures in tech and always learn a lot from your thought-provoking posts. So I have a couple of questions for you, oh and your blog is beautiful and highly educational. I love it:

Question 1. What is the tech item that you find the most useful in your business and why

A: My iPhone has been the most useful tech item for my business given that I do most operations directly from my phone. For marketing purposes, I do most (if not all) promo on social media. I can easily connect with customers through my Twitter account which is accessible via my phone. Whenever a customer has a question about an order or a custom request, I can respond via email right from my phone without waiting to get to a computer. In addition, my e-commerce platform is equipped with a mobile app. I can check incoming orders and quickly locate order information for my customers all through the app which is accessible via my phone. I can also print order invoices from my phone and fulfill orders as well. Without my phone, managing my business would take a lot more time and effort.

Q 2. What inspired you to turn your idea into a business?

A: I initially shared my stickers on Twitter to show friends the progress I had made with learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. In the midst of doing so, the images I shared caught the eye of quite a few people. Those individuals insisted on selling stickers that looked like the illustrations that I was sharing. So naturally, I gave the people what they wanted in order to meet a demand.

Q 3. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just getting started with their own business?

A: Know your audience. It’s easy to create and produce for yourself. However, if you’re creating for consumers, it’s important to know your market. Understanding your market will drive practically everything that you do for your business from branding to marketing to selling.

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