Residential I.T.

Conceirge I.T. Services

Technology at Home

Let’s face it, we live in a technology age and can’t live without it. Everything is connected and we expect that connection to work fast and all the time.

The modern home needs to have full internet capability throughout the entire site, often including the grounds, and especially the home office.

Nearly everything needs to connect and work together: computers, laptops, handhelds, phones, printers, cameras, doorbells, TVs, speakers, the car charger, and even the refrigerator.

At Close to the Earth, we understand all these devices. We are Apple Certified Support Professionals and also certified for Wi-Fi networking. We take the time to understand your needs and help you understand the technology.

Eco Friendly Web Hosting Service Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
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Not only is our Web Hosting service Fast, Safe, and Secure, It's good for the Earth. STARTING FROM $35.00 Add to Cart Product Info
WordPress Management Subscription
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WordPress Monthly support! We can help you Maintain, Secure, Backup, Monitor, and Benchmark your website. STARTING FROM $35.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Website Audit w/ SEO report
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We run your website through a series of diagnostic tests to evaluate your site speed, visibility, and other valuable metrics to help you see how to best improve your reach to potential customers. STARTING FROM $299.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Social Media Audit
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Our social media audit will look through your company’s online presence to see and advise how it can work best to serve your bottom line. STARTING FROM $299.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Mac or P.C. Tune Up
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If you have a problem with your computer’s performance, as we can deal with it! We’ll make sure your computer is working just as well as it should be. STARTING FROM $299.99 Add to Cart Product Info
Anti-Malware For Mac and P.C. With 1 year of Anti-Virus
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We will remove any malware and protect you for the future. STARTING FROM $149.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Backup: Time Machine or NAS
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STARTING FROM $99.00 Add to Cart Product Info
Laptop with e k g readout on the screen. a stethoscope connected to the screen and the words hardware diagnostics above Hardware Diagnostics for Mac and P.C.
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We can deal with your hardware problems. Whether it’s a hard drive failure, processor problems, overheating, battery issues, or something else entirely, we’ll find the problem! STARTING FROM $149.00 Add to Cart Product Info


Networking and Wi-fi, including planning during new construction
Security systems including video surveillance and monitored alarms
Fast Response Technical Support via Remote or On-site 
Malware Removal and Cyber Security Threat Mitigation 
Email Issues, Syncing and configuration of accounts
New computer setup and data transfers
Diagnostic Testing
System Upgrades and Help if your Upgrades went wrong
Password Manager Set-up and Account Recovery 
Apple I.D and Google Account Help 
Managed Tech Services and Ad Hoc Tech help for Mac and P.C. 
Internet service provider evaluation and changes
Secondary internet service connections for redundancy and reliability, such as cellular and satellite